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Darshan - An Indian Future
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Darshan - An Indian Future


The year is 2050. The place is the Dharmic Republic of Bharat. It is ruled by a secretive Sangh and watched over by the gods of the pantheon. Now, a Drohi rebel has made his way to the Central Temple and seeks an audience with the gods. What he does there will change the Republic... the subcontinent... forever.

What People Are Saying
"...the expansive worldbuilding this genre needs." - Samit Basu
" engaging, unsettling short with a twist i didn't see coming." - TG Shenoy
"DARSHAN is a true reflection of the world we find ourselves immersed in. This is not a work of Science Fiction, anymore. NOW IT SIMPLY IS!" - Raj Anand
"Half an hour worth of intense reading followed by a twist that literally kept me awake for an hour." - Sameer Mohan

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Darshan is a science fiction story written by Vijayendra Mohanty, co-creator of Ravanayan and Epified. The downloadable file is a .ZIP file containing .EPUB and .MOBI (for Kindle) versions of the ebook. The story is approximately 6500 words long and is recommended for mature readers. Darshan is NOT a comic book.

After making the purchase, check your email. The download links will be waiting for you there.

The EPUB file can be read using pretty much any ebook reader app. I recommend "Aldiko". The MOBI file can be transferred to your Kindle using these instructions.


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